Become part of a unique work

We are a group of professional artists who have joined together to reflect, in an ironic and witty manner. upon the date 12.21.12 and the approaching End of the World associated with it. This unusual project combines a book, a website and an App. The book is a limited edition of 500 copies and is wholly made in Switzerland. Its exclusivity is apparent through the high quality print, with the black cover embossed with silver titels and with silver edges. Divided into individual topics, the book is intended as a means of survival in preparation for this momentous alignment in our cosmos.

Each chapter is complimented with illustrations from the following artists

  • Anais Dukakis - Calvary at the World's End
  • Marianne Mettler & Tibor Foeldes - Survival Kit
  • Marco Monachesi - Travel Companions
  • Paul Woods & Maja Malfatti Woods - Escape Vehicles

and is guided by texts from Markus Lumpert. The format of the book, 12.3 x 15.8 cm, is deliberately chosen. It should always be at hand to the hopeful survivors, fitting snugly into coat and trouser pockets. The website's international page came online on July 1st. The month of July opens with an editorial, updated weekly by Markus Lumpert, with humorous and ironic offerings for the Doomsday event. The site is interactive; users can go to the blog and contribute their own texts. A sophisticated color scheme, changing each month, grants the artists an attractive showcase to present their works and serves as a guide to the reader. The project ends on 12.22.2012 with a large End of the World event featuring an exhibition of works created over the year, taking place at Design-Partners and "Paradox Zurich Projects", at Ida-Platz in Zurich.

Motto: Perish together or survive together!

The book release will be on 1 September, 2012 (also at Paradox Zurich Projects). Timing is advantageous because the Doomsday hype in the second half of 2012 will increase dramatically and book sales should prosper. Your advantage as valued sponsor? You will receive prominent advertising space in the book or on the website, and at the end of the year you have the opportunity to give to your customers, friends and family the gift of an extraordinary book.

And remember; together with us you will not succombe on the 21.12.12. We would be delighted to hear of your interest in our project; and we will be happy to present it to you personally. Thank you for your time and attention.