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A warm welcome. You soon count perhaps among our circle of benefactors. We are happy to meet contemporaries with humor and openness to our ideas and views - not always strictly serious - people who can take a leading role. We offer a variety of things. We are certain you will be inspired by our thought-evoking offer. We welcome any contribution of a financial nature, and it must be worth it for you. Depending on the amount of your support you may be rewarded with a t-shirt, a certified copy of the book signed by the artists, or even inclusion of your name in the book which refers to the memorable 21st December 2012. One thing is for sure, that your name, with your permission, will appear on the list of sponsors here on the website, so the world will see that you belong to the art-loving species and to the friends of our project.

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Finally this thought: every sunset is followed by a sunrise. The World, our planet Earth, has not experienced anything like this - at any rate, not within the last few thousand years. Of course, things will most likely turn out all right - let us hope so as we make preparations - but the idea that we have the opportunity, right now, to consider and wonder about the approaching day, the End of the World, is very tempting. In this spirit, many thanks for your contribution!

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